Dharmi Chand

Best Oral Presentation Award at ICSMA 2024

Guide: Sivakaumar MS

Dharmi received the Best Oral Presentation Award for his work titled 'Magnetic Moment Patterning Controlled Shape Programming of Soft Magnetic Actuators' at the 7th International Conference on Smart Materials Applications (ICSMA 2024) held at NUS, Singapore

Alok Kumar

Best Presentation Award at ICCMME 2024

Guide: Arockiaranjan A

Alok was awarded the Best Presentation Award in the 9th International Conference on Composite Materials and Material Engineering (ICCMME2024) held in Singapore during January 14–16, 2024.

Pasunuru Sai Vineeth

Best paper award at ICSE 2023

Guide: Mahesh Panchagnula

Sai Vineeth was presented the Best Paper Award for his talk "3D Numerical Simulations of a Tennis Ball Trajectory" at the 3rd International Conference on Sports Engineering (ICSE-2023), conducted at BITS Pilani.

Pijush Patra

Institute research award 2023 - 24 (Jul - Nov)

Guide: Anubhab Roy

Pijush's research focuses on cloud microphysics, with a specific emphasis on investigating the growth of micron-sized drops in warm cumulus clouds caused by collision-coalescence.

Nehal Dash

Institute research award 2023 - 24 (Jul - Nov)

Guide: Ganesh Tamadapu

Nehal's research work seeks to elucidate the mechanics of soft materials. He has worked on developing mathematical models to explore the nonlinear mechanics of an encapsulated microbubble, capturing the essential interface mechanics within the framework of surface continuum mechanics.


MS Institute research award 2023 - 24 (Jul - Nov)

Guide: Vengadesan S

Vishnu's research focuses on enhancing heat transfer in minichannel and microchannel heat sinks using electrohydrodynamics assisted active vortex generation. We study various thermohydraulic and electrical parameters to optimize this design for electronics cooling application.

Nidhi Murali

Best talk award at University of Leeds (2023)

Guide: Pijush Ghosh

Nidhi was awarded the best talk at the University of Leeds, U.K., for presenting her work on "Interfacial adhesion mechanism between polymer coating and clay surface" at the Clay Minerals Group Research in Progress Meeting 2023.