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The Indian Institute of Technology Madras's Applied Mechanics Student Association (AMSA) is a student-run group that seeks to build a community that grows and thrives over time and gains from the knowledge and experiences of its members. AMSA offers a venue for students to interact with one another, gain knowledge from one another, and develop as a community.

Workshops, seminars, guest lectures, and social events are just a few of the events and activities that AMSA plans throughout the year. Students can enjoy themselves while developing new skills and networking with professionals at these events.

Dharmi Chand

Best Oral Presentation at ICSMA 2024

Guide: Sivakaumar MS

Alok Kumar

Best Presentation Award at ICCMME 2024

Guide: Arockiaranjan A

Pasunuru Sai Vineeth

Best paper award at ICSE 2023

Guide: Mahesh Panchagnula

Pijush Patra

Institute Research Award

Guide: Anubhab Roy

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